Watermelon Tourmaline & Sandalwood Wrap Bracelet

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Watermelon tourmaline wrap bracelet made with 3mm Sandalwood beads, one strand of 3mm faceted watermelon (pink & green) and 3mm Sandalwood, and one strand of hunter green suede lace.  Three strands wrap snuggly three times around the average woman's wrist (7 inch diameter bracelet).

  • 22.5 inches (37.5cm) total length of bracelet
  • one strand of Israel cut fine quality mixed Watermelon tourmaline gemstones and Sandalwood.
  • one strand 3mm genuine Sandalwood beads
  • one strand hunter green suede lace
  • silver tone lobster clasp and findings
  • sterling silver IndiOdyssey® Logo of authenticity charm


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