"Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms  ayur (life) and  veda (knowledge).

Healthcare is a highly individualized practice under Ayurvedic principles, which state that everyone has a specific constitution, or prakruti that determines his or her physical, physiologic and mental character and disease vulnerability

Most of our products listed here are made in Vrindavan's Eco-Villageand your purchase supports not only these farmers, but also the destitute women of Vrindavan who work at Mahima Creations.

Pure Sandalwood Powder Dust $6.00
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Vetiver (khus) Root from $3.00
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Tejasvini Face Pack $6.50
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Narasimha Churna $14.95
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Cow Urine $9.95
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Angarag Body Soap $3.00
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