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How Long Does Shipping Take?

Usually it takes 2 - 6 weeks to arrive! Please consider this and keep it in mind when you purchase. If you need something sooner, please consider opting for courier post (DHL or FedEx) which generally takes 5 -7 business days, but often sooner! (Sometimes, you will get the package before I can even mark as shipped!) If you order many items, and shipping adds up to enough, I will automatically upgrade shipping to courier post.

Your contact phone number is required for all courier posts. (Please don't make me come after you for your phone number - it'll just slow the process down)  International orders are not considered "lost" until 8 weeks, and for most, that is the earliest a refund can be requested.

Tracking Packages

Most packages will be shipped via India International Post. It keeps costs of shipping to you way down, however, the USA does NOT track these packages once they are inside of the USA. (Most countries do, the USA does not). Packages generally arrive within 2 - 6 weeks. If this will not work for you, please consider upgrading to courier post, which will track your package to your door and takes 5 - 7 business days. 

You can track your package at the Tracking Center.  (You'll need a shipping tracking number sent to you when your order shipped.)

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