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Old Coins

Old Indian currency  has become the latest rage in ethnic jewelry creation.  These old coins are being reused and revamped to create some stunning pieces of adornments such as necklaces,  bracelets, earrings and even rings for an exquisite ethnic look. 

Coin jewelry in recent times has become a great way of celebrating Indian currency and keeping the vintage era alive.  The ‘chavanni’ or 25 paise coin has become a part of history like other coins, but to have such rare coins transformed into a piece of jewelry or adornment would make the currency immortal.

A lot of cultures across the globe have used coins in jewelry and adornment pieces from times immemorial.  Just as in India, coin jewelry is also becoming a rage in the West.

These initial coins have been collected in Rishikesh, and copper bails added in Vrindavan.

And somewhere, I have old coins from a trip to Mongolia in 2016.  I'll find them eventually.

Old Indian Coin Charms (5pcs) Sold Out
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Old Indian Coin Charms (5pcs) Sold Out
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