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Rudraksha Seed Beads

Natural and traditional Rudraksha seed beads are from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, and are the fruit (stone) that is left after the removal of the outer fleshy layer, much like a peach pit.  

Rudraksha beads have been know for a wide variety of benefits in spirituality, health, prosperity and for the resolution of psychological issues, fear or problems involving emotions.

Removal of fear is the basic characteristics of these special beads.

Unless otherwise noted, all our beads are from Indonesian.

2 Face Rudraksha $5.00
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5 Face Large Rudraksha $15.00
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5mm Rudraksha Beads $32.00
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7-9mm Natural Rudraksha from $35.00
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8mm Rudraksha Beads $30.00
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Natural 12mm Rudraksha $20.00
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