Turmeric Haldi Necklace

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Turmeric Haldi Necklace 108 (plus 1 guru) bead mala, hand knotted on saffron cotton thread with matching 3.5 inch tassel. Comes with a japa mala bag, hand made by the widows of Vrindavan from donated, recycled saris. The saris were donated by women in Vrindavan and are Vrindavan style saris. Also included is a counting bead strand, used for counting chanting rounds on the mala.

Listing includes:
  • One Turmeric 108 bead mala
  • One hand made japa mala bag
  • One counting bead strand

Please note that the japa mala bag you receive will not necessarily be the one in the photograph, but all bags will be made from Vrindavan recycled saris and lined with cotton. Also, the counting bead strand may be different that the one in the picture.

Turmeric Haldi beads are made from all natural, dried turmeric rhizomes, the bulbous root of the herbacious turmeric plant. (Looks just like fresh ginger root, but very bright yellowish orange color of turmeric powder. Haldi is the Hindi word for turmeric.) The dried turmeric rhizomes are either ground into the familiar turmeric powder, or carved into these beads.

Turmeric Haldi malas are used for specific, special prayers and chanting.

Beads are approximately 7.0±0.5mm. Beads have imperfections, which is to be expected in a natural product and does not distraction from the beauty, functionality and spiritual qualities of the beads.

The beads smell strongly of Turmeric, a highly valued Ayurvedic plant, and will leave yellow coloring on clothing and skin.