9mm Premium Tulsi


Wholesale natural round Tulsi (Tulasi) premium wood beads hand carved in Vrindavan, India. These are the best Tulsi beads you can buy, and getting this quality in smaller sizes is difficult (difficult to hand carve such precision quality). And since Tulsi is a herbaceous plant, commonly called Holy Basil, it is also difficult to get these larger beads. Size also varies slightly on each mala.

Each strand has 108 beads of premium 9mm hand carved Tulsi beads. 

The name "tulasi" means "she who is incomparable."

In the spiritual world Tulasi, or Vrinda Devi, the goddess of Vrindavana, orchestrates all the arrangements for Krishna's pleasure in the Vrindavana forest. She is very dear to Lord Krishna, and He is very dear to her.

In this world Tulasi comes as a sacred plant and helps devotees of Krishna to attain love for Him. Krishna says He is satisfied simply by being offered Tulasi leaves.

When a Tulasi plant dies, her wood is used to make Vaishnava neck beads, japa beads, and necklaces. Out of respect, sacred Tulasi beads are never to touch the feet or the ground.

Tulasi beads are said to protect one from bad dreams, accidents, attack by weapons, and inauspicious destinations at death. For these reasons and because she is dear to Krishna, devotees always wear Tulasi.