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Sterling Silver Pendant Kavach with Red Coral

Sterling Silver Pendant Kavach with Genuine Red Coral.

Sterling Silver Kavach with RED CORAL - Birthstone for MARS - victory over enemies!

  • One of a kind.
  • 12.7g sterling silver.
  • The Red Coral Stone or Moonga stone, is one that has a powerful ruler which is none other than the planet Mars.



There are many benefits of wearing Moonga.

This red colored, shiny stone is different from others stones both in quality and its place of existence. The Moonga gemstone is an astral stone that begins deep in the sea. Other gemstones like Diamonds and Rubies are products of mines on the Earth’s plains.

Red coral or Lal Moonga in astrology is ruled by the planet Mars. Planet Mars in astrology is associated with energy, vitality and other traits like desires, actions, passion, aggression and sexual desires of a person. Mars is also called the God of warfare and commander of the armies of God. A strong presence of Mars in your astrological chart can positively affect one’s life. And this effect of Mars becomes greater if you wear Red Coral. 

If you are facing issues in marriage, it is likely that astrologers will recommend you wear Red Coral.