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Sphatik Quartz Crystal Necklace


Genuine Sphatik quartz crystal hand knotted in Vrindavan. 8mm 108 beads plus one guru bead knotted on white cotton thread. Diamond cut bead mala has 484 facets hand cut into each bead and an orange/red cotton tassel. Smooth, round bead mala has an orange/red cotton tassel. Both mala necklaces are approximately 30 inches long (76 cm) and can also be wrapped around your wrist and worn as a bracelet, or cut apart and used in your own unique projects.

My supplier brought me into a dark room to show me how to tell real Sphatik quartz crystal from glass beads - when you strike two Sphatik quartz beads together, like flint, they spark in the dark!! It was very cool!!

Thanks for your support, bringing LOVE, HOPE & JOBS to destitute widows in India.

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