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Shiva's Trident Sterling Silver Pendant

All the Hindu gods possess sacred objects which symbolize the divine powers or are weapons which they use to protect their devotees with. Many a time, various stories are associated with these sacred objects.

Lord Shiva, who is believed to be a divine sage, is also known as the destroyer. The trident that he carries symbolizes the way he blesses his devotees.

As a symbol, the Trishula or trident represents Shiva's three aspects of "creator, preserver and destroyer"

The Holy Trinity - The three points of the trident have various meanings. Sometimes, these refer to the holy Trinity, that is Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. Due to this association, it is also believed that they symbolize the three forces of creation, maintenance and destruction.

It Symbolizes Time -These three points of the trident also are believed to symbolize the time in its past, present and future form. This way, it is associated with Kaal, which means time. All the three forms of time, assimilate into the trident of Shiva.

Associated With The Three Gunas -  Yet another way the three points of the trident are seen is by associating these with the three gunas that the atmosphere consists of. Known as Satva, Rajas and Tamas, these gunas are the energies which are present in the atmosphere and are responsible for the various qualities that we possess, and therefore, these affect the people accordingly. These energies are responsible for our moods and emotions. These are believed to be present in the human body in various proportions. Shiva's trident brings an end to the cycle of these energies, and destroys the element of ignorance, which lets the energies affect the moods of the beings. The trident is seen as the place where all three energies become one, and ignorance is destroyed, giving origin to awakening. This awakening, which enables self-control, is believed to be the real knowledge.

  • 7.15 grams sterling silver (stamped 925)
  • 1.6in/41.5mm tall;0.74in /18.8mm wide
  • one bail
  • both sides are the same (i.e. no front or back)
  • medium sized pendant, good in place of tassel on a Rudraksha mala


Photo of Shiva Tridents taken at the Tiger Hill Temple in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India