Sandalwood Tree Blocks

150 grams of various sizes and shapes of pure sandalwood (Santalum album) for crafting, Ayurvedic, puja and beauty use. Sandalwood trees harvested in Rajasthan, India; shaped and sanded smooth in Vrindavan. A high percentage of essential oils give off a wonderful aroma of this prized, premium sandalwood.  Used in Vrindavan to make sandalwood paste for face tilak marks.

Photographs are typical of the sizes and shapes you will receive.  There will be slight variations, of course, as each one is an individual piece of tree.
Smallest piece measures approximately 2.5 inches long; larger pieces are 4.5 - 5 inches long, with varying thickness. You will receive approximately 150 grams total sandalwood blocks.

These are the sandalwood blocks used here in Vrindavan. They are ground on mortars with water to make sandalwood paste for the deities. Chandan Yatra, literally “Sandalwood paste festival” is an occasion celebrated by many famous temples of Krishna or Vishnu in India. It involves the deities being covered by sandalwood paste starting on the day of Akshaytritiya in the month of Vaishaka as the weather begins to heat up. It keeps the deities cool.

Mortarsold separately. The picture of the block in the bag being held by the hand is 150 grams. Different sizes available upon request.