Oud Oil, 10ml

  • Call it Agarwood, Aloeswood, Oud or Oudh Oil, it is without a doubt the most mind-blowing olfactory merchandise available anywhere. 10 milliliters
  • The most outstanding feature of Oud is its magical and mystical properties when used in meditation; It connects Heaven and Earth within us, creating balance, inner peace and enlightenment.

    A well-known aphrodisiac; use it as a perfume neat on the skin (try a patch skin test first) or dilute with other essential oils or sweet almond oil. The skin will release its scent over the course of 12-15 hours. (It is tested safe to use undiluted on skin.)

    Being an earthly element, agarwood has a quality that grounds our primordial being, with its medicinal and therapeutic properties well recognized by all who have spent some time exploring its intricacies. Yet, oud oil is recognized for more than just its healing qualities. It has a very real spiritual pull, no doubt. But it also just smells incredible.

    Complex, balsamic, deep woody fragrance. Tenacious base note, it lingers longer than any other known scent. The scent is rare and powerful. Blended with other precious oils such as Rose (r.centifolia, r. damascena), Jasmin (jasminus officinalis), Sandalwood (Santalum album), it enhances them and creates a blend which is deeply soulful.


    An oud oil from the region of Assam in India. This Oud oil is pure and natural and of Super grade. A viscous oil of reddish brown with a slightly sweet, woodsy fragrance.

    1. 10 mls of Assam Oud Oil
    2. use undiluted or mixed with other carrier oils
    3. comes in an amber bottle with stainless steel ball roller