Nanda Kumara Poster

  • Nanda Kumara Poster
  • Nanda Kumara is one name of Krishna meaning "son of Nanda"

    "O Krishna! You brought joy to Devaki by releasing her from prison and by bringing back her dead sons. You grew up in the house of Nanda and thus became popular as the son of Nanda. You sported in the holy Vrindavana, belonging to a woman called Vrinda, the beautiful land on the banks of Yamuna, intimately connected to your pastimes. Like the enchanting moon, you brought joy to the entire Gokula. I bow to you with devotion."

    The artist, B. G. Sharma is recognized as the foremost legendary painter of Indian miniature paintings and religious paintings. He is famous throughout India and abroad for his originality in composition, design, detail, and ornamentation.  He has influenced and inspired many other artists all around the world.


    Printed in Vrindavan; ships from Vrindavan in a PVC tube



    1. 19 x 27 inches (48 x 69 cm)
    2. heavy-gauge textured faux-canvas paper
    3. matte finish
    4. suitable for framing
    5. shipped safely in a PVC tube
    6. Printed in Vrindavan
    7. Ships from Vrindavn