NagaChampa Sandalwood

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 Sandalwood incense is a fragrant and aromatic product crafted from the prized wood of the sandalwood tree (Santalum album). Revered for centuries, this exquisite incense carries a distinct, soothing scent that is warm, woody, and subtly sweet. The natural oils and resins released when burned create a serene atmosphere, filling the air with a calming presence that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and spiritual harmony. Sandalwood incense is renowned for its grounding properties, aiding in meditation, stress relief, and enhancing focus. Its captivating fragrance evokes a sense of tranquility and connection, making it a cherished choice for individuals seeking a serene ambiance and a deeper connection to their inner selves.

While some Sandalwood Incense gives a smooth, buttery, and mellow scent, this Sandalwood incense is rich, resinous, and a bit heavier. It is not as floral as most, but instead emphasizes the wood.

Just hear what our "professional" scent sniffers' blind study opinion of this Sandalwood incenseis!
(Hint: Trees!)

These sticks burn cleanly with minimal smoke and a subtle natural scent. Two sizes to chose from:

  • 15g sample size gives you 10 - 12 sticks
  • 250g box when you are seriously ready to get into it! (approx. 180 - 200 sticks)