NagaChampa Patchouli

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Patchouli Incense is a unique fusion of natural herbs, floral extracts, resins, and essential oils, renowned for its captivating fragrance since the 1960s which continues to linger in the air long after the fire is out. Patchouli, the iconic floral component of this blend, carries a rich history, once treasured as highly as gold and even exchanged for it. Its potent aroma possesses the remarkable ability to conceal other scents, while also boasting a range of medicinal applications.

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These sticks burn cleanly with minimal smoke and a subtle natural scent. Two sizes to chose from:

  • 15g sample size gives you 10 - 12 sticks
  • 250g box when you are seriously ready to get into it! (approx. 180 - 200 sticks)