NagaChampa Nirvana


Nag Champa Nirvana Incense sticks are widely considered the best among all masala incenses. These sticks are often used in Ashrams for yoga, religious ceremonies, and musical practices. Hand rolled in India, with pure extracts and the finest scented oils. Let this potent and aromatic fragrance fill your home and create an atmosphere of relaxation.

The Nirvana incense is a masala style incense that creates a calming and relaxing environment. It is made from a captivating blend of herbs, flowers, resins, and essential oils. This outstanding incense embodies the art of traditional Indian incense making. The Nag Champa Nirvana incense helps you unwind, relax, and possibly even reach the state of Nirvana.

In addition to its soothing properties, Nirvana incense can bless or purify a space, and is a great aid for meditation or deep relaxation.