NagaChampa Dragon Blood


Dragon Blood incense sticks are known for their highly addictive fragrance that has been used for around 5000 years in China. Although the incense is not made from real dragon blood, its scent is mysterious and magical. The incense's core ingredient is a blend of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and traces of rare flowers, while Nagchampa incense, which belongs to Indian heritage, features Champa flowers that give it its vibrant color.

Dragon Blood incense can be used for meditation and relaxation purposes, as well as for spiritual activities. Its powerful fragrance lingers in the air and brings balance and clarity to one's life, reducing stress and anxiety. The incense is made from a vivid red resin taken from specific plant genera that were used for medicinal purposes, incense, and dyes. According to folklore, these plants grew from dragon's blood after the creatures became extinct in mortal battles.

Dragon Blood incense sticks were famous for their use in medieval rituals and spellwork, including protection, passion, love, banishment, and attraction. Today, they are still utilized for these same purposes. When lit, these incense sticks create a captivating aroma that stays with you even after they have burned out.