Lakshmi Tiny Conch Shank Pendant

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What is a Lakshmi Conch? 

The Right-Spiralling Conch Shell which spiral to the right are rarer and considered especially sacred. In Buddhist Dharma, the right spiral mirrors the motion of the sun, moon, planets, and stars across the sky. Also, the hair whorls on Buddha's head spiral to the right, as do his fine bodily hairs, the long white curl between his eyebrows and the conch like swirl of his navel. The Lakshmi Conch shell is a sacred manifestation of Supreme Goddess Lakshmi, and is most effectively used to bath a genuine Shiva Lingham. 

What about other conch shells?

There are many species in the Conch family, but in India "Shank" always refers to the normal smooth white conch shells which are normally used in pujas. They alone are called "Shank" --- and it is only such a shell, if it opens on the right side, that is a real Lakshmi Shank. No other right-sided shell is ever Lakshmi Shank (sinistral turbinella pyrum).

Here's what you'll be getting

  • Genuine tiny dwarf Valampuries / Dakshinavarthy conch
  • 5 grams of wrought sterling silver
  • Conch from the Indian Ocean; silversmithing in Vrindavan
  • Can be used for puja (worship) or worn as a necklace pendant.


How to Use Your Lakshmi Conch

The Lakshmi Conch is said to bring all manner of blessing, but particularly material wealth, upon the owner. Ritual use may include bathing deities, drinking from the conch, or the use of mantras oriented to the goddess Lakshmi. It is a wonderful object for Vastu (sort of like Feng shui) purpose giving high positive energy.