Job's Tears Vaijanti Seed Beads

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Job's Tears, also called Imfibinga seed beads in Africa and Vaijanti in India, are small greyish white natural seed beads. The hole is a natural part of the seed. Seeds are approximately 6-7mm by 9-10mm.  You will receive 5 strands or malas.

  • Unknotted - perfect for making your own creations, not necessarily 108 seed beads per strand!
  • Knotted - ready for chanting, with 108 seed beads.

These particular beads are from Vrindavan, and are strung as a japa mala in the local market with approximately 108Job's Tears, a Rudraksha seed bead as guru bead, and little red cotton tassel. 540 total Job's Tears seed beads, 5 strands.

If you choose to have knotted, we'll hand knot them for you; 108 +1 bead; ready for chanting.

Your purchase supports our work here in India, bringing LOVE, HOPE and JOBS to the destitute widows of Vrindavan.