Masala Incense Sticks


The very best hand-rolled premium masala incense sticks. Hand Rolled in Vrindavan, India. 250 grams per package/order, which is approximately 180 sticks. Beautiful scent! This incense will not disappoint your senses!


NEW! 15 of our best selling fragrances in a mixed box!

250g includes our 15 of our best: 

Absolute Bhakti Bliss, Absolute Sandalwood, Absolute Vrindavan Flower, Absolute Oudh, Absolute Radha Rani, Absolute Blue Lotus, Absolute Night Queen, Absolute Hari Lila, Absolute Rose; Radha Rasbihari, Kesar Chandan, Nag Champa, Parijat, Jagannath and Everest Delux.

Sample them all! Approximately 8 - 12 sticks per fragrance!


Incense with the prefix of "Absolute" is a more potent scent with a higher ratio of essential oil to "filler" ( i.e. charcoal, halmaddi, wood dust, jiggit.)

We also carry hand rolled Vrindavan Flower Supreme premium incense sticks which are made from the essences of 7 different flowers from Vrindavan. Amazing scent!!

Kesar Chandan hand-rolled incense sticks with saffron and sandalwood were Prabhupada's favorite!

Each order contains 250 grams, approximately 180 - 250 hand roll premium incense sticks.

  • Kesar Chandan - saffron and sandalwood, Prabhupada's favorite!
  • Absolute Tulsi Masala 
  • Jagannath 
  • Everest Delux - a favorite in Vrindavan
  • Radha Rasbihari - if you like Rose, you'll love this!
  • Nag Champa - a sacred incense with a sweet, woodsy fragrance
  • Jasmine
  • Oudh (Aloeswood/Agarwood) Premium
  • Natural
  • Tulasi Chandan
  • Absolute Vrindavan Flower
  • Absolute Cedarwood
  • Absolute Rose
  • Absolute Sandalwood
  • Absolute Blue Lotus
  • Absolute Nigth Queen
  • Absolute Hari Lila
  • Absolute Vrindavan Flower
  • Absolute Nag Champa
  • Absolute Bhakti Bliss
  • Absolute Radha Rani
  • Mixed Box of 15 Fragrances

My experience with these incense sticks is, you don't even need to light them!! Just open the package and leave it open in your room. The whole room is filled with the essence of these premium incense sticks.