Govinda, Lover of the Cows Poster

  • Govinda, lover of the cows
  • Gōvinda and Gopāla (Sanskrit/Hindi: गोविन्द/गोविंद and गोपाल) (also known as Govind, Gobind and Gopal) are the names of Vishnu which mean "The finder of Veda" & "Protector of Veda" as 'Go' means Veda, Cow and also senses. So Govinda, Gopala means Cowherd or Protector of Cows, or one who gives pleasure to senses. These names are also popularly addressed to Krishna, referring to his youthful activity as a cowherd boy.

    Govinda is a name of Krishna and also appears as the 187th and 539th name of Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranama, the 1000 names of Vishnu

    The artist, B. G. Sharma is recognized as the foremost legendary painter of Indian miniature paintings and religious paintings. He is famous throughout India and abroad for his originality in composition, design, detail and ornamentation.  He has influenced and inspired many other artists all around the world.

     Printed in Vrindavan; ships from Vrindavan in PVC tubing.



    1. 19 x 27 inches (48 x 69 cm)
    2. heavy-gauge textured faux-canvas paper
    3. matte finish
    4. suitable for framing