Chakra Bracelet - Gemstones & Sandalwood

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Chakra wrap bracelet, made with genuine round 4mm gemstones (list below) and 4mm premium Sandalwood beads. Three strands wrap three times around the wrist, or can be worn as a necklace!

Two strands are all 4mm Sandalwood beads; another strand is 4mm Sandalwood beads with the gemstones (approximately 2 inches of each gemstone) in order of Chakra: 

4mm round gemstones:
  • Crown Chakra - Violet - Amethyst
  • Brow Chakra - Indigo - Iolite
  • Throat Chakra - Sky Blue - Apatite
  • Heart Chakra - Green - Green Onyx
  • Solar Chakra - Yellow - Citrine
  • Sacral Chakra - Orange - Carnelian
  • Root Chakra - Red - Garnet
  • Sterling silver IndiOdyssey® logo of authenticity
  • Slight variations
    • two standard bracelets with 4mm Sandalwood beads
    • one with sunburst "om" charm
    • one bracelet uses 3mm Sandalwood beads
  • "S" clasp on all bracelets

The third strand is rust colored suede lace strip; with a matching art silk rust colored small tassel.

Total length is approximately an adjustable 21-22 inches (53cm) for a snug fit on a women's wrist.  Can also be worn as a necklace.