Black Pearls and Job's Tears Mala

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Beautiful 108 bead mala necklace, hand strung with Job's Tears (Vaijanti), black pearls and ending with a pendant of natural white conch Mother of Pearl and a grey silk thread tassel. The black pearls and Job's Tears beads complement each other in their variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

This necklace brings to mind Krishna and Radha - Krishna, who is often depicted as a bluish black, is the same color as these pearls.

The black pearls are sold in Vrindavan during the month of Kartik, as is the Mother of Pearl pendants. The Mother of Pearl comes from the White Conch (Turbinellapyrum) found in the Indian Ocean and is used to make a variety of items sold especially during the Kartik season. During the rest of the year, this beautiful iridescent nacre can be purchased in Vrindavan as the trumpeting conch shell used in Hindu ceremonies.

Approximately 39 inches (99 cm), and wraps nicely around your wrist.  Unknotted, strung on strong, but flexible jeweler's wire.

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