Antique Silver Shiva (Bhairava) Amulet Rajasthan ca. 1910s

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Bheru or Bhairava form of Shiva in his fearful aspect, traveling with his dog. (Just below his left hand.) The deity is widely worshipped by Bhil tribals, one of the largest tribal communities in India.

Shiva, carries a drum and trident (trishula) The sun symbol of Surya, is to the right side of his head and the Chandra or moon just above that.

  • A. 5.95g/28.9mm
  • B. 5.02g/26.11mm
  • C. 2.40g/24.2mm
  • D. 2.20g/24.1mm


  1. Rajasthan antique tribal amulet c. 1910
  2. die-stamped with no silver backing
  3. only one of each available
  4. light weight, small pendant
  5. top bail