Antique Buddhist Moon & Stars Bodhi Seed Mala

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    • Anitque Buddhist Moon & Stars Bodhi Seed Tibetan Style 108 bead chanting mala
    • Moon and Stars Bodhi Seeds (Daemonorops jenkinsiana), are also called Lotus seed, Lotus Root, Linen Nut, Tropical lotus, Bodhi seeds and rattan seeds. The beads are very hard and dense. The small holes on the beads are called moons and the tiny black spots covering the surface are called stars. They are seeds with the high density of a resin and the wood-like inside texture is solid and dense, and are in the rattan family. They are sometimes dyed brown, but they will naturally darken with age and wear.

    • For more information on the Moon and Stars Bodhi Seed beads, please check out this blog post: Lotus Seed Beads


      1. Moon and Stars Bodhi Seed 108 bead mala
      2. 10mm beads
      3. strung on leather
      4. hand strung in Nepal
      5. brass counting beads
      6. no other markers or guru bead