6mm Natural Rudraksha


Natural 5 face (mukhi) NATURAL Rudraksha in 6mm;

  • 1 strand per order; 108+1 beads per strands = 108 beads total.
  • 5 strands per order; 108+1 beads per strand = 540 beads total.
  • 10 strands per order; 108 beads per strand - 1,080 beads total.

You will be most familiar with the reddish orange colored Rudraksha, because that is how it is almost exclusively prepared and sold around the world. We received a custom request for NATURAL Rudraksha that had not been stained, and working with my supplier, we finally received it today! So happy, I love it!! And I am sure many of you will love the opportunity to work with this magical seed bead in its natural state, too!

The last photo shows the Natural Rudraksha along with the regular Rudraksha for color comparison.

100% genuine natural 5-mukhi Rudraksha seed beads from Indonesia.