6mm Black Tulsi (5 strands)

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Wholesale round Tulsi (Tulasi) best quality wood beads hand carved and hand dyed in Vrindavan, India. These are the best quality Tulsi beads. Hand carved and hand dyed, there is very slight variety in size, color and shape on each strand. Most are 6mm, but there could be a variation of +/- 0.5mm. The colors will vary from dye batch to dye batch, and not all colors will be able to be duplicated. 

TB006BLK - Black, and the easiest to duplicate, we'll be able to get these anytime, and pretty consistent from lot to lot.
TB006RED - Red, falls somewhere on the red spectrum between the two samples photographed.

Each order contains 5 strands, (malas) 108 beads of best quality 6mm hand carved Tulsi beads. One order gives you 540 beads.