4mm Rosewood (5 strands)

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4mm Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) also known as small leaf Rosewood, small leaf Venus Rosewood. (It is NOT Red Sandalwood or Red Sanders, an endanger tree with a completely different genus and species - Pterocarpus santalinus. I just emphasize this point because it does seem that the two species are often labeled as one and the same.) This wood has no fragrance, and ranges in color from deep red to dark brownish red.

For comparison, the second photograph shows 3mm Rosewood on the bottom.

Approximately 168 beads per strand.

This listing is for 5 strands of 4mm Indian Rosewood, approximately 840 beads.

This is the last of our Rosewood stock. We just happened to find these strands while cleaning out the stockroom. Rosewood is no longer available in India.