2.5mm Sandalwood Beads

Our smallest Sandalwood beads! Teeny tiny almost perfect sandalwood beads! Just 2.5±0.25mm and just in. These will probably not be a standard, stock item - we were lucky just to get one lot of these little babies.  Five strands per order.

Wholesale sandalwood beads hand carved from Rajasthan, India. Purchased in the holy city of Vrindavan, India. These are premium sandalwood beads with a high essential oil content - all natural and have a light sandalwood fragrance.

The third photo, with 3mm Sandalwood beads on the left (over thumb), compares the new 2.5mm on the right.
Last two photos, shows side-by-side with 2.5mm on the left and 3.0mm on the right.

Sold wholesale - 5 strands per order;
2.5mm; each strand has approximately 210 beads; total beads approximately 1,050.