Gomata Bliss Organization

Gomata bliss ayurvedic trust is located at isckon vrindaban, reman reti district Mathura U.P. india. It was established in 2015 based on the principles of cow protection taught by isckon founder – Acharya, his divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami pradbhupada.

Gomata bliss ayurvedic trust and Cow Shelter (Goshala) work for charitable and non-profit purposes, for the benefit of the public at large, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex or any other divisive denominations of society.
The main objectives of the Gomata Bliss Ayurvedic Trust are:
 a) To provide, develop and encourage cow protection through farming, establishing goshalas, self-sufficient model farms and model villages for the protection of human beings and cows.
 b) To engage in the rehabilitation of unproductive cows and restoration of local breeds to sustain healthy milk; to fill fuel needs by establishing gobar (cow dung) gas plants for integrated use; to develop technologies, production, and promotion of bio-products derived from cows.
 c) To innovate various economic and social models of Ayurveda, cow farming and other rural and traditional resources thereby linking it to the livelihood and income generation of people; to process, manufacture, research, innovate, market, distribute, and sell various traditional medicines, general utility products, organic products, hand-made products and cow
products that will help the poor and deprived classes become self-sufficient.
 d) To promote/establish self-sufficiency through the establishment of educational institutions such as varnashram colleges; to promote and facilitate the establishment, maintenance, management, development and improvement of various institutions, units, cottage industries, and infrastructures including centres of biodiversity and environmental issues, manufacturing centres for Ayurveda cow products and other similar institutions to empower and support deprived people in furtherance of the objectives.

The Mission of the Gomata Bliss Ayurvedic Trust is to re-establish the lost glory of holy cows by making them the center of cultural, economic, industrial and medical fields which they had always been in Vedic culture, and to educate people regarding cow protection and Go-Seva.

Here are several products that we offer in support of Gomata Bliss

Cow Dung Dhoop