Cow Dung Dhoop All Natural Desi Cow Incense Cones


Shudh cow dung dhoop Incense is made from cow dung harvested from the cow herd of ISKCON in Vrindavan, where the video was filmed. (Below)

Burning cow dung dhoop incense will purify the air and your surroundings. As it burns it will bring peace to the mind while harmonizing the atmosphere, including physical and spiritual well-being.

Five fragrances:

  • Shudh Dhoop
  • Pavitra Loban (Frankincense) Dhoop
  • Braj Parijat (Vrindavan Night-flowering Jasmine) Dhoop
  • Braj Kadamb Dhoop
  • Nilachal Sandal Dhoop

Your purchase supports two worthy causes:

  • The women working at Mahima Creations, Vrindavan India
  • An organization based in Vrindavan that promotes self-sustaining farming and cow care.

Burning cow dung dhoop is part of my morning routine and ritual!


Approximately 16 pieces of 2 inches each.

 Watch this video of the cow dung dhoop being made here in Vrindavan at the ISKCON cow sanctuary ------>