Ikat with Kantha Borders

Ikat with Kantha Border

Purchase this unique, one of a kind fabric and make your own Gopi Outift.

Ikat and Kantha fabrics for Gopi skirt

Ikat is one of the styles of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye.  In the case of this hand-loomed fabric, before attaching the warp strings to the loom they are arranged into bundles, every bundle is tied and dyed individually so that a pattern is visible when the loom is set up.  This ikat pattern runs parallel to the warp, in a blurred geometric pattern of red on light beige.

The border is a completely different piece of material attached after the Ikat fabric is complete.  In fact, it is most likely attached by a completely different company (kind of like an aftermarket accessory made specifically for the Gopi skirt market).  It is a patchwork of Kantha embroidery stitching, made from new cotton scraps, left over from clothing manufacturers.  Hand stitched in parallel lines of yellow cotton embroidery threads and bound on both sides with a narrow black border strip printed with gold circles.  The Kantha border is 7 inches wide.

To make the Gopi skirt for you, the kantha border will be separated from the ikat fabric.  The ikat will then be cut into 32 panels with the pattern running vertical, which gives a much nicer look - as we all know - vertical stripes are slimming!  The Kantha border is then reattached as one continuous border.

 Both fabrics are 100% medium weight cotton, hand loomed and hand stitched.  Get your Gopi outfit made out of this totally unique, one of a kind fabric today!!  

We can make a Gopi Skirt and Choli for you, or purchase the fabric and make it (or something else) yourself!

When ordering your Gopi outfit, please include this fabric code: FABKantha002, along with your measurements, and a choice of matching scarf color.

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