About Us

Are you looking for something from India, but you can't find it?  Beautiful, hand spun and woven cloths? Rare beads and babbles? Exotic silks and jewelry?  Let me do the leg work for you!  It is my passion to scour the back alleys and remote villages of India (and Asia) to find that special something just for you.

I live in the holy city of Vrindavan, located in northern India in the state of Uttar Pradesh (about 150 kilometers southeast of Delhi, and only 60 kilometers west of Agra and the Taj Mahal).  I came to Vrindavan in 2011 with a non-profit group from Southern California to set up a service center for the destitute widows of Vrindavan.  After accomplishing that, I set out on my own to establish a sustainable social enterprise working with the widows of Vrindavan, empowering them with LOVE, HOPE and JOBS!  At our workshop in Vrindavan, we make accessories and jewelry from recycled silk saris and local, sacred beads and sell worldwide in our Etsy shop, Mahima Creations.  Our Etsy shop is very successful, but if you know Etsy, then you know you are limited to what can be sold on there (i.e. vintage items, supplies, or handmade).  In order to bring to you all the unique and beautiful items available in India, another shop was necessary.  So here is IndiOdyssey - from India to you, all she has to offer!

If you are ever in India, and find yourself near the Taj Mahal (sure you will!!), then please make the short trip to Vrindavan to share a cup of chai with the widows and me!  We love visitors, and even have a guest room if you would like to stay a few days with us.  There is much to see in Vrindavan!

If you have any questions or would like something special found just for you, please get in touch with us:


Mobile - 91+ 8449802714

Parikrama Marg
38 Anand Vatika
Chaitanya Vihar
Vrindavan, U.P. 281121