Natural Rough Tulsi Necklace

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Five Tulsi (Tulasi) kanthi necklaces made from hand carved, rough barrel cylindrical beads on nylon thread with brass barrel clasp, from Vrindavan, India. The barrel beads are approximately 3mm wide, and vary in color and size. One order gives you five strands. Each strand can wrap three times around your neck. Some of the smaller beads can break off during wear, but does not effect the over all look of the necklace.

Total length of each three wrap strand is approximately 48 - 50 inches, and varies slightly from necklace to necklace. It is a size that is meant to be wrapped around your neck three times, or around your wrist approximately six times

The name "tulasi" means "she who is incomparable."

In the spiritual world Tulasi, or Vrinda Devi, the goddess of Vrindavana, orchestrates all the arrangements for Krishna's pleasure in the Vrindavana forest. She is very dear to Lord Krishna, and He is very dear to her.

In this world Tulasi comes as a sacred plant and helps devotees of Krishna to attain love for Him. Krishna says He is satisfied simply by being offered Tulasi leaves.

When a Tulasi plant dies, her wood is used to make Vaishnava neck beads, japa beads, and necklaces. Out of respect, sacred Tulasi beads are never to touch the feet or the ground.

Tulasi beads are said to protect one from bad dreams, accidents, attack by weapons, and inauspicious destinations at death. For these reasons and because she is dear to Krishna, devotees always wear Tulasi.