Osiris' Breath Silver Sticks

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The Silver Osiris' Breath incense is a strong, magical scent that can unlock hidden realms of consciousness and bring forth profound insights and revelations. 

Whether you're a yogi, new age enthusiast, or truth seeker, these incense sticks are perfect for heightening your meditation, yoga practice, or simply creating an intoxicating atmosphere in your home. Each stick burns for approximately an hour, allowing you to enjoy the mystical aroma for a longer period.

Let the heady aroma of Osiris' Breath incense guide you on your own cosmic journey, and open your mind to the limitless possibilities that lie beyond the realm of the ordinary. With each breath, you will feel yourself lifted to new heights of wisdom and enlightenment, as the mysteries of the universe unfold before you in all their mystical glory. 

The prayer below from Ancient Egypt not only contains a roadmap to inner peace and enlightenment... it also shows us that human beings have been trying for millennia to free themselves from the same inner turmoil that we still struggle with today.

As you light this incense, say this little prayer to give strength to your day:

Hail to you, Osiris, Lord of eternity,
Whose heart is calm amidst the chaos of the world.
You who have passed through the trials of death and rebirth,
Teach us the secrets of serenity and inner balance.

Grant us the strength to navigate life's challenges,
And the wisdom to find peace amidst the storms.
May our hearts be as light as a feather,
Free from the burdens that weigh us down.


These sticks burn cleanly with minimal smoke and a strong, perfumed scent. Two sizes to chose from:

  • 15g sample size gives you 12 - 18 sticks
  • 250g box when you are seriously ready to get into it! (approx. 180 - 200 sticks)

When your incense absolutely, positively must reach to the heavens.