Love, Cupid

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My dearest Beloved One,

It brings me great joy to remind you of how deeply loved and treasured you are in the grand universe of life. Your unique qualities and beautiful soul have captured the hearts of many, including mine. You bring light and happiness to those around you, and your mere presence brings warmth to the world. Never forget that you are valued beyond measure and that you hold a special place in the hearts of those who love you. May you always feel the love that surrounds you.

Love, Cupid


These sticks burn cleanly with minimal smoke and a strong, perfumed scent. Two sizes to chose from:

  • 15g sample size gives you 10 - 12 sticks
  • 250g box when you are seriously ready to get into it! (approx. 180 - 200 sticks)

When your incense absolutely, positively must reach to the heavens.

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"Love, Cupid"makes you feel.

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