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Very Special Tulsi Seed Mala 108

  • 108 bead Tulsi seed mala. Hand knotted with silk thread.
  • This is the most auspicious Tulsi mala I have ever come across. Each Bead is made out of 1000s of little Tulsi seeds from the sacred forest of Nidhivan.

    A man from a nearby village comes to the enchanted forest of Nidhivan to gather the Tulsi seeds from the Tulsi plants that grow there.

    Back at his village he uses a secret family recipe, passed down for generations, to mold the little Tulsi seeds into these beads. (No, he will NOT divulge his secret recipe - we tried!)

    It is said, that each Maha Mantra chanted on just one of these beads, is like a thousand chants!


    1. 108 + 1 Tulsi seed bead mala
    2. approximately 14±1mm beads, but varies
    3. beads made from a secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation
    4. hand knotted with gold colored silk thread
    5. hand tied silk tassel
    6. golden color matching golden silk tassel
    7. approximately 62 inches long (157cm)
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