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Shiva Lingam Casket

  • Antique Silver Shiva Lingam Casket
  • Old silver pendant necklace used as a lingam casket box. These pendants were designed as containers worn by the Hindu sect, the Lingayats, to hold a sacred lingam stone (included) representing Lord Shiva.

    The Lingayats believe that Shiva is the only God rather than the "Great Trinity", the three gods revered by other Hindus. They also believed that the sacred presence of Shiva was  not simply confined to the temple, but that it could be held in the pendants for a personal connection to God wherever you traveled.

    The Lingayats believe movable lingams to be the only true symbol of Shiva. All Lingayats carry their personal lingam with them at all times


    Antique Shiva lingam casket circa the 1920s. The chain (sterling silver 92.5 Indian snake chain) and jangama lingam stone are both new.

    1. 30.5grams heavy antique silver
    2. handmade circa 1920s
    3. width is 42.8mm (1.6in); height is 45.5mm (1.8in)
    4. new chain is 28 inches
    5. lingam  stone inside is included
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