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Seven Chakra and Natural Rudraksha 108 Bead Mala

Seven Chakra and Natural Rudraksha 108 Bead Mala

Chakra inspired necklace made from 8mm premium Natural Rudraksha beads and seven different 8mm  precious gem stones representing the seven major chakras:

  • Crown Chakra - Violet - Faceted Amethyst
  • Brow Chakra - Indigo - Lapis Lazuli
  • Throat Chakra - Sky Blue - Blue Topaz
  • Heart Chakra - Green - Faceted Green Onyx
  • Solar Chakra - Yellow - Citrine
  • Sacral Chakra - Orange - Faceted Carnelian
  • Root Chakra - Red - Garnet


Sterling silver guru bead and spacer beads; hand knotted with purple cotton thread; hand tied matching silk tassel.

Total length is 37 inches, excluding the three inch tassel.


Made exclusively for IndiOdyssey by the widows of Mahima Creations, Vrindavan, India.  Your purchase directly supports and changes their lives!


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