Radha Krishna Print (1L)

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  • One liter printed pure copper water bottle with screw top cap with silicone "O" ring for a tight seal.
  • Fill with bottled or reverse osmosis treated water in the evening, and let it sit overnight for maximum benefit. Drink first thing in the morning, prior to brushing teeth. Consume in a squatting position(sit on stairs, or a chair with feet on a stool to raise the knees.)

    Use the water to clean eyes or in neti pot


    Drinking water from a copper water bottle in the morning is part of my routine; as taught to me by Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.

    1. 100% pure copper
    2. durable ink Radha Krishna printed design
    3. holds 4.5 cups/36 oz  (1 liter)
    4. 11 inches tall (28cm)
    5. 3 inch diameter (7.6cm)
    6. made in Mathura, India (next town over from Vrindavan!)
    7. part of every yogi's morning routine
    8. good for the environment (no more plastic water bottles!)