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Lava Stone and Howlite Lavender Infused Mala Necklace

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  • Lava stone and Howlite lavender infused mala necklace with sterling silver focal beads and spacer beads and black silk tassel.  108 beads and lavender scent makes it great for meditations.  Beautiful black and white textured design makes it a stand out fashion statement.  
  • Howlite is a stone of calm and tranquility. Keep Howlite on your body to help control rage and negative impulses, and be impeccable with your words. Howlite is associated with the third eye, Ajna Chakra and facilitates meditation and insight. Always keep Howlite on you to promote kindness, compassionate behavior and peaceful coexistence.

    The scent of lavender leads to calmness and inner peace, so it is especially benefical when infused into a japa (chanting/prayer) mala.

    High vibrational Lava stones are great for grounding and helping you feel connected to Mother Earth through the Muladhara (base) Chakra.

    1. 6mm natural black lava stones from Indonesia
    2. 6mm round natural Howlite
    3. three 7.5mm sterling silver focal beads
    4. small sterling silver 2.5mm spacer beads
    5. 108 total beads (not including spacer beads)
    6. 33 inches (83cm) long, excluding tassel
    7. 3.5 inch (9cm) black silk tassel
    8. lava stones infused with Lavender essential oil
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