Khus (Green) 10ml

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  • Chrysopogon  zizanioides, commonly known as vetiver, and locally called Khus in India, is a perennial bunchgrass native to India. The roots are distilled to make this essential oil.
  • Vetiver is mainly cultivated for the fragrant essential oil distilled from its roots. In perfumery, the older French spelling, vetyver, is often used. Due to its excellent fixative properties, vetiver is used widely in perfumes.

    Vetiver oil, also known as khus oil, is a lesser-known plant oil that offers a heavy, earthy fragrance, which is reminiscent of patchouli but with a touch of lemon. It is believed to be very grounding, calming and stabilizing, and provides a range of essential oil uses and benefits.

    From the sweetgrass family, the thin aromatic roots of the Vetiver plant are used in incense burning. Add to incense mixtures in small amounts to produce an earthy, sweet, heavy, erotic fragrance.

    Like patchouli sandalwood essential oils, vetiver's odor develops and improves with aging. The oil's characteristics can vary significantly depending on where the grass is grown and the climate and soil conditions. In north India, oil is distilled from wild-growing vetiver. This oil is known as khus in India is considered superior to the oil obtained from the cultivated variety. It is rarely found in commerce outside of India, as most of it is consumed within the country.  But here you can now purchase this wild-grown khus oil!


    We also carry the dried vetiver root.

    1. 10 milliliters
    2. comes in a glass amber bottle with steel rolling ball top
    3. 100% distilled wild-grown Chrysopogon  zizanioides roots
    4. viscous green liquid
    5. other quantities available