Do everything, even the smallest, with a recollection of the bond which unites the divine and the human to one another. ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Kavach with Amethyst Cabochon

  • Sterling silver kavach with Amethyst cabochon.
  • Kavach means 'armor' but can take the form of an amulet. This special amulet opens on one end into a hollow tube that can be filled with a hand-written mantra, dried flower petals from a ceremony, or sacred relics. Worn around the neck, this Kavach acts as a spiritual armor, protecting the heart and body with the sacred relics or mantra carried within it.

    Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, Sahasrara. Vibrating at a high energy, Amethyst helps expand universal consciousness during meditation.

    1. inside diameter is 8.3mm
    2. outside diameter is 9.9mm
    3. stamped sterling silver 92.5
    4. length is 34.3mm
    5. 9.6 total grams
    6. polished Amethyst focal gemstone
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