"Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Home Arti Gift Box

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  • Home arti gift box
  • Sterling silver kavach filled with Vrindavan Dust strung on thick waxed string.

    One Tulsi kanthi necklace made with small cylinder hand carved Tulsi beads. Wraps three times around the neck. One of our most popular necklaces.

    Small (2 inch/5cm tall) brass Gopalji statue (murti) with handmade ornate robe, crown, and flute. (Fabric colors and clothing designs may vary)

    Our popular rough hewn 108 Tusi japa mala with counting beads and a recycled sari japa mala bag. (Japa mala bag may vary in recycled sari colors.)

    250 grams of natural premium Prabhupada masala incense. Heavenly!

    6 mls of Ganges Water gathered at Rishikesh and presented in a fancy glass vial with tassel.

    Tilka kit - includes a hand-carved tilak applicator, Gopi Chandan, plastic squeeze bottle for water, small metal mixing canister, foldable travel mirror, and a cotton kerchief cloth. Comes in a plastic snap closed box.

    Comes in one of our popular recycled Vrindavan sari shopping totes.


    Great "Stocking Stuffers"! Give all to one person, or one item to many! Radhe Shyam!

    Sorry, no substitutions, please!

    1. complete small arti tray
    2. bathing conch
    3. blowing conch
    4. chamara yak tail fan
    5. 250g Jasmine masala incense
    6. cotton wicks
    7. 200g desi cow pure ghee
    8. comes in a gift box for giving
    9. general instructions for conducting your own home arti worship
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