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Home Arti Gift Box

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  • Home arti gift box
  • Small brass arti set includes 5 inch tray, water cup, small lota with spoon, bell, incense holder and lamp for ghee wick.

    One small bathing conch

    One small blowing conch

    Genuine chamara yak tail fan

    250 grams of natural premium Jasmine masala incense

    200 grams of pure desi cow ghee

    One bag of cotton wicks

    Packed in a gift box for giving


    Give all to one person, or one item to many! Radhe Shyam!

    Sorry, no substitutions, please!

    1. complete small arti tray
    2. bathing conch
    3. blowing conch
    4. chamara yak tail fan
    5. 250g Jasmine masala incense
    6. cotton wicks
    7. 200g desi cow pure ghee
    8. comes in a gift box for giving
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