Gopi Skirt Outfit (Ready-made, Lg)

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Handmade cotton skirt in new Rajasthani cotton.  Full length 32 panel Gopi skirt made by women of Vrindavan, land of the Gopis!  Matching 3/4 length, pull-over blouse.  
  • Skirt length 38 inches 
  • Skirt waist fits up to 38 inches, has a drawstring for a custom snug fit; Skirt should sit low, about 2 inches below the belly button.
  • Large, grey & white print matching pull-over blouse with contrasting 3/4  sleeves.  Fits up to bust size 42 inches.  Three/quarter length sleeves.
  • Purple recycled sari border with sequins and embroidery.
New, light weight cotton.  32 total panels.  8-inch side zipper, but there is also a drawstring for comfortable, custom fit.  Unlined. Gopi skirts usually sit about 2 inches below the belly button.  
Fits large (USA size) women
Thanks for your purchase which supports the women of Vrindavan