Do everything, even the smallest, with a recollection of the bond which unites the divine and the human to one another. ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Fluorite and Sandalwood Kali Mala

  • Fluorite and Sandalwood 108 bead hand knotted mala necklace with a sterling silver Kali goddess pendant "guru" bead.
  • In general, Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness, by calming a novice's mind for meditation allowing for feelings of oneness with the spiritual universe. Fluorite also helps smooth out chaotic vibrations, clearing energy fields and promoting auric cleansing. Each individual color will have slightly different effects.

    Fluorite is associate with the upper chakras, increasing universal consciousness.

    Goddess Kali is the ultimate symbol of feminine power, divine Mother of the Universe. Kali is associated with Shaktism, the doctrine of energy, power and the goddess. Shaktism views  Kali as the dynamic source, essence and substance of everything in creation.

    April 19, 2017 Instagram - Katy Perry posts Kali goddess photo as her "current mood" and garners 23,333 comments (mostly negative from Indians).

    1. 8mm premium round Sandalwood beads
    2. 8mm round multicolored Fluorite gemstones
    3. four 8mm 5-mukhi Rudraksha accent beads capped with floral sterling silver caps
    4. one inch (26mm) sterling silver 92.5 Kali goddess pendant
    5. 39 inches (99cm) total length
    6. hand knotted on white cotton thread in Vrindavan
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