Cow Dung Fertilizer - Ghana Jeevamrutha

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Fertilizer your garden ORGANICALLY with COW DUNG from VRINDAVAN DHAM!! 

What is Ghana Jeevamrutha?

It is an organic fertilizer based on cow dung which enriches the soil and plant and provides all the nutrients required for the growth of the plant. It is a rich source of Nitrogen and valuable micro-organisms which naturally enhances soil fertility. Jeevamrutha is the "wet" style, made with fresh cow dung. But here we are offering you the dried version, Ghana Jeevamrutha so you can get all the benefits of Vrindavan cow dung at home!


  • Cow Dung,
  • Cow Urine,
  • Jaggery
  • Pulses

How to use:

It has to be applied on wet soil. It must be scattered evenly on the soil.

“OR” Dilute 50 gms in 1 liter of water and apply at the base of plants.

 Check out this video on Youtube that gives a great explanation of Ghana Jeevamrutha.


Ghana Jeevamrutham is as effective as Jeevamruthm to the soil. The number of Microbes in the soil increases. Microbes are the main constituent for increasing soil fertility. The more the application to the soil, the results are better.

Have you started your garden yet? We've started ours! The ladies and I are busy planting cilantro, spinach and fenugreek to name just a few. We use this fertilizer and we are already harvesting and enjoying the fruits of our labor!

1 Kilo/2.2 lbs