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Bihari Raw Silk Scarf - Dark Red

This beautiful, solid dark orange-red silk scarf is hand-loomed in Bhagalpur, Bihar, an Eastern State in India that sits on the south side of the Ganges River.  In addition to being known as the Silk City, it is also home to the Gangetic Dolphins, the national aquatic animal of India.  Incidentally, India recently recognized the consciousness of animals such as dolphins and whales and banned their use in aquatic theme parks. Pretty cool, eh?

  • Solid dark orange-red color, some would say maroon; dark sienna, (not an easy color to photograph!)
  • Perfect for early morning meditations and afternoon autumn chanting.
  • 27 inches (69cm) x 68 inches (173cm)
  • Handwash using a mild baby shampoo in cold water, and air dry.
  • Becomes softer over time.