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Chakra Rudraksha Bracelet

Chakra wrap bracelet, made with genuine round 4mm gemstones (list below) and 4mm natural Rudraksha seed beads. Three strands wrap three times around the wrist, or can be worn as a necklace!
Two strands are all 4mm natural Rudraksha seed beads; another strand is 4mm natural Rudraksha seed beads with the gemstones (approximately 2 inches of each gemstone) in order of the major Chakras.  The bracelet ends with a stamped 925 sterling silver Shiva charm.   Since all the charms are handmade, there will be variances in the Shiva, but all bracelets will have a similar sterling silver Shiva charm.  Silver plated "S" clasp.

4mm round gemstones:
Crown Chakra - Violet - Amethyst
Brow Chakra - Indigo - Iolite
Throat Chakra - Sky Blue - Apatite
Heart Chakra - Green - Green Onyx
Solar Chakra - Yellow - Citrine
Sacral Chakra - Orange - Carnelian
Root Chakra - Red - Garnet

Total length is approximately 21 inches (53cm) for a snug fit on a women's wrist.  We can add some links to the bracelet to make it larger.  Can also be worn as a necklace.

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