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Antique Eight Mothers Amulet

  • Antique Eight Mothers Amulet
  • According to the Rig Vedas, we have seven mothers. One's own mother, the wife of the guru, the wife of a brāhmaṇa, the wife of a king, the cow, the nurse, and the earth are known as the seven mothers of a man

    The Matrikas are the personified powers (Shakti) of different Devas - Brahmani emerged from Brahma, Vaishnavi from Vishnu, Maheshvari from Shiva, Indrani from Indra, Kaumari from Skanda, Varahi from Varaha and Chamunda from Devi.

    The Matrikas are usually depicted in a group of seven called Saptamatrika. However, there may be eight Matrikas called Ashtamatrika, and includes Narasimhi from Narasimha (lion-man form of Vishnu).

    The Matrikas assume paramount significance in the goddess-oriented sect of Tantrism. In Shaktism, they are described as "assisting the great Shakta Devi (goddess) in her fight with demons." Some scholars consider them Shaiva goddesses. They are also connected with the worship of warrior god Skanda.


    Sometimes, this would be called the seven mothers ( Saptamatrika) and one guardian (usually Ganesha for good luck)

    1. high grade antique silver
    2. tribal amulet from Rajasthan c. 1900
    3. 0.95 grams total weight
    4. 12.5mm x 19.7mm (includes bail) x 0.9mm
    5. very ligth weight, suitable as a bracelet charm
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